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You can register a renewal license’s serial number at any time, even before your current license expires. During registration, the remaining period of the current license will be added to the renewal licence’s term automatically. All you need to do is specify your current serial number or the key file used with the Dr.Web anti-virus.

Renewal discounts are not available to users of beta versions but only to users of commercial Dr.Web licenses. Licenses for tested products are provided for free to the best beta testers.

There are no renewal restrictions as to how long ago your license has expired. You can renew it at a discount in several months or even years after its expiration.

The 40% renewal discount is only available to users of three-month Dr.Web trial licenses.

The discount does not apply to 30-day trials. To continue using Dr.Web, you must purchase a new license either from one of Doctor Web’s partners or via the Dr.Web eStore.

Legal persons purchasing Dr.Web from the eStore can get hard copies of invoices for their purchases.

  • If you have a license for one of the personal Dr.Web anti-viruses, simply buy a renewal license from one of partners of Doctor Web or the Dr.Web eStore. The price of a renewal license already includes the discount.

IMPORTANT! You can also purchase a standard, full-priced license. If you have used Dr.Web before for at least six months and specify during registration your previous serial number or key file, the new license period will be 150 days longer than specified on the box/in the license.

If you have purchased a renewal license (its price already includes the discount) but can't specify a previous serial number or key file whose period of use was/is at least six months in duration, the period of your new license will be 150 days shorter than specified on the box/in the license.

  • If you use a Dr.Web bundle, you can't apply for the renewal discount since special low prices are set for Dr.Web bundles by default.
  • If you use any other Dr.Web product, please visit the renewal page.

A key file is a special file containing information about the Dr.Web components covered by your license and your license period. The file has the .key extension and is located in the Dr.Web anti-virus installation directory. In Windows, the default location is C:\Program Files\DrWeb\drweb32.key.

If your license is valid for at least six months, you, as well as any user of Dr.Web, can renew your license at a discount.

All registered Dr.Web users are entitled to a renewal discount. The discount amount depends on the period of your renewal license.

It depends on the date of registration of your serial numbers. If you register both numbers on the same day, the license periods will start and expire in three months. If you register one serial number and register the second one three months later, you will be using licensed Dr.Web software for six months. But this may not be a good idea since you won't be able to get a renewal discount for two three-month key files, and two short-term licenses will cost you more than one six-month license.

  1. Both valid and expired licenses can be renewed. There is no expiration date limitation for Dr.Web licenses subject to renewal.
  2. A renewal discount is provided only if the period of the previous license was/is at least six months in duration.
  3. A renewal discount is provided only if a license for a similar Dr.Web anti-virus for 1, 2, or 3 years is purchased.
  4. For Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus a renewal discount is provided for any number protected objects (from 1 to 5 inclusive).
  5. A renewal discount is provided for protected objects whose number is less than or equal to the number of protected objects covered by the previous license that is subject to renewal.
  6. To get a discount, a Dr.Web key file or a serial number must be provided (each such file or number can be submitted for renewal only once).
  7. To get a renewal discount, a customer must present a serial number or a key file (including OEM) to a salesperson.

If you renew an expired license, the renewal period will start as soon as you register the serial number of the new license.

The discount multiplier used depends on your customer category and the period of the license you want to buy. A multiplier is applied to the price of a 12-month license.

Customer type Discount condition Renewal
1 year 2 years 3 years
Non-discount categories A Dr.Web key file or serial number that is valid for at least six months for a similar Dr.Web product 0,6 1,17 1,72
Educational institutions, libraries, and health-care institutions A copy of a document, issued by a competent authority and authorizing the entity in question to carry out educational or health-care activities, and a completed application 0,35 0,7 1,05

The 150-day bonus is given to customers who purchase Dr.Web at the standard, full price when renewing their licenses.

A renewal product may be unavailable when a customer is ready to renew. In such cases, the only choice is to buy a full-priced license. So, during registration, instead of the discount, such customers get an extra 150 days of use added to their renewal license. The renewal bonus serves as a refund of the renewal discount they would have received had it been available.


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