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Yes, there are and their number is growing. Android.SmsSend Trojan horses that emerged as early as in 2010 are the most common threats to the OS. They are designed to send SMS messages at premium numbers and sign up subscribers to various services.

Mobile banking Trojans are designed to intercept SMS messages, steal mTAN-codes and pass them to criminals who perform various financial transactions with accounts of unsuspecting victims (for example, make online purchases) pose an extreme danger. Android.SpyEye.1 is a banking Trojan for Android OS.

Such malware as Android.MailSteal.1.origin, Android.Maxbet.1.origin, Android.Loozfon.origin and Android.EmailSpy.origin. steal e-mail addresses from devices' address books and send them to a remote server, so that attackers can carry out spam mailings.

Malignant applications for mobile OSs are the fastest growing malware segment. As popularity of an OS is growing among users, so does the interest in it on the part of intruders, whose main goal is to get money. The number of threats to Android increases most rapidly.

Dr.Web for Android doesn't block outgoing calls.

Dr.Web anti-virus occupies about 1 MB in the device memory. Only the file monitor that keeps track of the system processes resides in the memory at all times. The monitor requires a certain amount of resources, but it has no noticeable effect on overall performance.

Start Dr.Web for Android and tap the Menu button on your mobile device. In the pop-up window select Settings.

Start Dr.Web for Android. In the subsequent window go to the SpIDer Guard section and check if the Monitor is enabled and protects the system message is displayed. If it is, the anti-virus protects your device. If the message is Monitor disabled, the monitor is not running. Tap the monitor indicator button.

Start Dr.Web for Android. To suspend the file monitor, tap the green indicator next to SpIDer Guard. The system will immediately notify you that the monitor is turned off, and the mobile device may be exposed to threats. With the anti-virus disabled your mobile device becomes vulnerable. Be sure to activate Dr.Web as soon as you can.

Dr.Web for Android interface language corresponds to the current language of the operating system. Select Russian as the Android interface language and the anti-virus will switch to Russian automatically.

Note: to change the OS language tap Menu and point to Settings in the subsequent pop-up window. Go to Language & Keyboard, Select Language and choose the language you need in the succeeding window.

Dr.Web for Android is available free of charge and requires no registration. To use it, just download the distribution. Read more:

There are three ways to install the anti-virus:

  1. Use HTC Sync. To install Dr.Web, you need to connect your device to your computer and sync them with HTC Sync. Use HTC Sync to run the Application Installation wizard, specify the path to the file drweb-600-android.apk and follow the wizard instructions.
  2. Manually. Copy drweb-600-android.apk (download link) to the mobile device (from a computer, with a memory card or download OTA from our web-site). To run the file you will need a file manager.
  3. Via Android Market. Go to the Android Market, find Dr.Web on the application list and select Install. In the subsequent window displaying information about the privileges required for the program, click OK, the application will be installed automatically.

Launch Dr.Web for Android and select Quarantine. Tap the file you want to restore. In the succeeding window you will see all the information about this file and malicious code contained in tt. Tap the Restore button - the file will be moved to the original folder.

To scan your mobile device for viruses, launch Dr.Web for Android, and tap Scanner. In the next window, specify the scan mode.

  • Quick scan. The anti-virus scans only files of installed applications. The fewer there are applications, the sooner the express scan will be completed.
  • Full scan. All files on your mobile device are scanned.
  • Custom scan. Scan only certain files or folders for viruses. To run a custom scan, select objects you want to scan and tap the Scan button.

Abort scan at any time by tapping Abort.

To send a suspect file, use the form on our website: To attach a file to your request, tap Browse, select the file you need and press Open. To send the request, tap the Send button.

Launch Dr.Web for Android and select Statistics. Tap Menu and choose Save log on SD card. The DrWeb_Log.txt file will be saved into the /Andoroid/data/com.drweb/files/ directory and a corresponding notification will be displayed. If you want to send a support request, use the web-form at To attach a file to your request, tap Browse, select the file you need and press Open. To send the request, tap the Send button.

Presently you can't update the anti-virus by copying virus databases onto a mobile device. To update the databases, use the built-in update module.

Note: an Internet connection is required for updating.

Start Dr.Web for Android. Then tap the Update button - all the necessary files will be automatically downloaded and installed. For a successful update, your mobile device must have access to the Internet.

Note. You can also enable automatic daily updating. To enable daily updating, tap the Menu button, then tap Settings. In the Update section tick the Automatic check-box.

Launch Dr.Web for Android and select Statistics. The statistics window displays the number of processed files and information about all actions performed by the anti-virus components. It is possible to reset the statistics (Menu→Clear statistics), or save the log to a file (Menu→Save log).

Launch Dr.Web for Android and select Statistics. The statistics window displays the number of processed files and information about all actions performed by the anti-virus components. It is possible to reset the statistics (Menu→Clear statistics), or save the log to a file (Menu→Save log).

In the application's main menu, select Anti-theft. In the Configuration Wizard window, enter and confirm a password. If necessary, create a friends list (a list of trusted numbers).

More detailed information about configuring the anti-theft can be found in the corresponding section of the documentation.

Then you can adjust anti-theft security parameters: set blocking conditions and the actions that the program will perform if those conditions are met. More information about this can be found here.

To activate the anti-theft, use the previously specified password.

Go to the Settings menu of the device, select Applications→Manage applications. In the Third-party tab tap Dr.Web for Android. In the subsequent application information window tap Remove. To permanently delete the anti-virus, tap OK in the removal confirmation dialogue.

There are three ways to choose from to unlock the device depending on the version of Dr.Web for Android you use and availability of the friends list.

  • If you are using Dr.Web for Android 7.0 and higher, use the special service at.
  • If, when configuring the anti-theft (any version), you created a list of friends, you can disable the anti-theft by sending a corresponding SMS command from a trusted number. For more information about SMS commands, please follow this link.
  • If you use Dr.Web for Android 6.0 and didn't create a list of friends, you need to send a request to Doctor Web's Technical Support Service. In your request, you will need to provide the following information:
    • Your Dr.Web serial number
    • a photo of the box, warranty card, or other document that concerns the blocked device and contains a readable IMEI.

You don't need to install anything — just visit a compromised web-site. And it won't necessarily be a site with objectionable content — from intruders' point of view, hacking news portals is much more useful. News sites are the most visited ones on the Internet. They usually do not cause any suspicion among users or system administrators from companies which do not block access to such sites. That's why news portals are a very attractive field of operation to intruders. By Spreading malware through such sites, they can cause damage to a huge number of users and companies.

Tap on the Dr.Web icon on the notification panel. In the succeeding window you will see all the available information about the threat. Tap on this message, then select the desired action: delete the file, place it into the quarantine, or ignore the warning.

Warning! It is not recommended to choose the Ignore option! If you believe that the anti-virus has made a mistake, select Quarantine and after that send the file to Doctor Web for a detailed analysis.

SpIDer Guard is designed to constantly protect mobile devices against viruses and other threats. It loads into the memory upon Android start-up and scans all files accessed by a user or the system in real time.

Dr.Web for Android protects from viruses and other malicious programs that may steal or damage information stored on the mobile device. It prevents viruses from getting and running on a mobile device.

Note: Dr.Web for Android can only protect mobile devices and its virus databases are different from those used by the anti-virus maintaining security of desktops and laptops. To protect a computer, use corresponding products from Doctor Web.

The anti-virus places suspicious and infected files into the quarantine folder. Suspicious files are quarantined to be sent to Doctor Web's virus laboratory for analysis, infected ones are isolated if curing is not possible for some reason.

Information about the number of virus definitions in the databases and date of the last update is contained in the anti-virus statistics.

While out of the office, employees are not protected from hackers, applications they use may have vulnerabilities, their computers and mobile devices can be infected with viruses and Trojans that steal banking and payment system access passwords and money from bank accounts.

Employees regularly connect to the company's network via their device, and thus put confidential data and money at risk—not only their personal assets but corporate too. Incidents when malware gets onto a local network from personal devices, including handhelds, account for up to 70% of intrusions.

In addition, banks often send SMS confirmations to maintain security of transactions. There are malignant programs that can modify such confirmation messages. An anti-virus guarantees that incidents when money is stolen from accounts will never be concealed.

  • To enter the portal from a mobile device, install Dr.Web. In the application menu, select About and tap My Dr.Web.

    Go to the Support tab → Ask a question.

  • If you want to go to My Dr.Web Portal from a PC or Mac, use the special service on the Doctor Web site. Log on to the portal and go to the Support tab → Ask a question.

Use My Dr.Web Portal — your personal assistant and guide to services. Here, in particular, you can contact our technical support. The history of your requests is also available here.

Select About in the Dr.Web menu. If the word Light is present, you are using the free version. Also, the main menu provides access to different sets of security components; the paid version has substantially more components.

Dr.Web for Android Light — free license Dr.Web for Android — commercial license
Dr.Web для Android Light Dr.Web для Android
  • If you have a payment receipt email from Google Play, open it and click on the link in the phrase "Have a question? Contact the seller Doctor Web, Ltd.". A Google Play support request form will be loaded. On the request page, select the option "I'd like to request a refund/return the item" and send the refund request. A Doctor Web employee will process your request, and you will get a refund.
  • If the purchase receipt is lost request a refund through the support request form at Doctor Web's site or in My Dr.Web Portal. Specify your order number and Gmail address.

In both cases, you will receive a refund confirmation from Google Play.

Important! The time frame for a refund depends only on how fast your bank processes such requests! If the money is not returned to your account within 2-3 days of receiving a confirmation from Google Play, contact your bank. Doctor Web cannot influence bank policies or expedite refunds. Our refund liabilities to our users are met after you receive a refund confirmation from Google Play.

  • If Dr.Web is not already installed on your device, use the account under which you purchased the license to log in at Google Play. In My Apps, select Dr.Web and tap Install. A valid license will be recognized automatically.
  • If Dr.Web is already installed on your device:
    1. Run Dr.Web.
    2. In the main Dr.Web window, select About.
    3. Tap Update License and select Purchase/Download.
  • If you need help buying a commercial version, on the support request page of Doctor Web's site, select I do not yet have a commercial Dr.Web license and ask your question.
  • If you need assistance solving a technical problem, this kind of support is not provided with the free version of this product. Try to find the answers to your questions in the FAQ or get advice from other users on the Dr.Web forum.

In the program's main window, go to the menu, select About, tap Update License and choose Purchase/Download. To activate the license, you must have Internet access and use the same Google account through which you made the purchase. The Dr.Web key file will be downloaded automatically. More>>

If you're contacting technical support:

  • From the Dr.Web page at Google Play, through My Dr.Web Portal, or via the support form on Doctor Web's site, specify your serial number or your Google Play order number and your Gmail address. If you do not have the order number, then you probably purchased the Dr.Web license from another site. In this case, you need to submit your serial number. You can find your serial number on My Dr.Web Portal.
  • Use the link in your order confirmation — click on the link found in the support request form at Google Play, select the request topic, and ask your question. We will obtain all the required information from Google Play automatically.

In My Apps, select Dr.Web and tap Install. A valid license will be recognized automatically.

  • I lost my Dr.Web license. How can I recover the license purchased through Google Play?
  • If your license has expired, you will not be able to restore it. Please buy a new license.
  1. If your license is still valid,-note that licenses purchased through Google Play are bound to the account under which they have been purchased.
  2. Make sure that this account is set as the primary account on the device.
  3. In the main Dr.Web window, select About.

Chances are the funds have been blocked by the bank that issued your credit card. Doctor Web cannot influence bank policies. The funds will be returned to your account after a period defined by the bank. If the money is not returned to your account in 2-3 days after receiving confirmation from Google Play, contact your bank.

  • I have purchased a new smart phone.How can I transfer my Dr.Web license to the device from my old smart phone?
  • If your license has expired you cannot transfer it to another device. Buy a new license.

If you have deleted the email confirming your purchase information, you can find the order number (transaction id) in Google Wallet — information on all your orders is stored there.

You will receive an email receipt confirming your purchase. The email will contain your order number and order information, and a link for contacting Doctor Web's support service regarding questions concerning purchase, payment and refund. If you have not received such an email, please contact Google Play's support service — Doctor Web's support service won't be able to help until your payment has been received.

The list of your paid purchases can be found in Google Wallet. The list of applications that have been paid for and are thus available to you can be found in the My Apps section of your Google account.

Only users of the shareware version of Dr.Web for Android (comprehensive security) have serial numbers, which become available to them after they pay for their license on My Dr.Web Portal. Serial numbers are displayed in the Portal’s license information section.

According to Google Play's refund policy and under the Agreement between Doctor Web and Google, you can apply for a refund no later than within 48 hours after payment is made.


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